The Pieta

La Pieta by Michelangelo Statue. Made in Italy.The Pieta is one of Michelangelo’s most famous sculptures. It depicts Mary cradling the body of Her Son Jesus on Her lap after His crucifixion. It represents Mary’s unending love as well as both Her suffering and the suffering of Christ. The Pieta invites reflection and introspection and makes a poignant gift for those who have recently lost a loved one. The Holy Virgin knows the sorrow of losing Her husband and Son, and She will surely comfort those who come to Her in their time of grief. This piece of art is made out of a composite of powdered marble, stone, and alabaster. Item is then hand finished with special tools to refinish the details of this fantastic statue. Dimensions: 5 1/4″L x 2 3/4″D x 6 1/4″H